In The Press: Metrics, Mobile At Forefront Of Marketing Professionals’ Minds In Evolving Landscape 6 months ago

We’re very excited about the recent string of press opportunities we’ve had to weigh in on the various challenges of most marketing metrics and execution  – all rooted in the increasing expectation and role of CMOs and agencies to deliver on more strategic business outcomes. Marketing Dive recently interviewed us for this article on Can AI Help Strike the Right Emotional Tone for Content?, as well as the article below from the Midlands Business Journal – “Metrics, Mobile at Forefront of Marketing Professionals’ Minds in Ever-Evolving Landscape.”
There has never been more available content, presenting opportunities and challenges in the ever-evolving marketing realm.

“The sheer number of options for reaching potential customers continues to increase, and more media options – or new products within existing media – are being developed all of the time,” said Julie DeWitt, owner of DeWitt Marketing and Consulting. “This continues to increase the complexity of marketing plans and is impacting all marketers in some way.”

Brands can be quickly damaged or catapulted to success.

“Brands are now being built or undone based on a continuous feedback and ratings loop that take place in real-time in front of a live audiences on the internet,” she said, noting on happy or unhappy customer can heavily influence many others.

“There can’t be a wall between marketing and customer service.”

Efforts such as consistent messaging lead to an “authentic brand that customers are consistently engaging with through all interactions and communications with the business,” she said.

Citing Yahoo!-owned Flurry Analytics, Bailey Lauerman’s Head of Media Erica Lee said Americans spend up to five hours daily on mobile devices.

“As marketers, that makes it an all-important channel for interacting with current and potential customers,” she said. “Because people are so connected to their mobile devices, you can reach them at the right place and right time.”

Respect contact; deliver value. Lee spoke to location-based technologies (i.e. geo-targeting), dynamic creative (personalized content based on factors like environment) and measurement to track ad exposure as among mobile-specific developments, while the “next generation” includes “communitainment.”

“Fifty percent of time spend on mobile is in social, messaging, media and entertainment applications,” Lee said. “Apps that deliver on ‘communitainment’ – pairing entertainment and communication – like Facebook and Snapchat are succeeding.”

Brands also are taking notice of how consumers are engaging with Augmented Reality technology, she said, while also acknowledging “Internet of Things,” with mobile as the gateway to engaging physical experiences throughout one’s day.

Zaiss & Co.’s eMarketing Manager/Copywriter Tyler Catania; President and Chief Creative Officer Wendy Wiseman; and Chief Strategist Tracy Zaiss spoke to of-the-moment changes within the firm and industrywide alongside Koenig Marketing’s Gary Koenig; notably, the two firms are “blending,” leveraging a long history of familiarity represented partly by mutual industry associations and mutual respect for each other’s firms. It was also noted that, while the firms had complementary clients, they were not competing clients.

To the overall landscape, Catania said digital is shifting, growing and changing with the advent of smart devices.

“And social media is always changing and being repurposed,” he said. “Bringing in new clients is a great opportunity for us to keep on pushing out new content.”

Tied to the now-blended firm’s focus on market research and metrics, Catania said content also is about “measuring everything that we do…We can see in real-time what’s working and what isn’t working,” he said. “Everyone is viewing everything on-the-go.”

Every year, he said there is more of a shift toward mobile and, notably, different aspects of other smart devices such as appliances and other household goods that may be managed and monitored from one’s phone or laptop.

“Everything is moving to this type of integrated system,” he said, referring to the need to stay ahead of these developments.

Related to changes in the CMO world, Rova’s GM/Head of Communications Kate Richling said a recent study round 73 percent of executives don’t believe agencies and marketers are focused enough on key business metrics.

“This perception has ushered in a real threat to the CMO role, and agencies by association,” she said. “Just look at the addition of the chief growth officer role at so many brands. This is just one sign that marketing is failing to provide an end-to-end view and deliver on outcomes across business units.”

Richling said instead of “one-offs” focused on instant results, CMOs must understand what success looks like, define strategic KPIs, choose targets and timeframes, and identify the tactics worthy of investment.

“The digital age ushered in new expectations and not just a reliance, but often misguided obsession on instantaneous results,” she said. “Today CMOs too often get caught in the weeds, leveraging data that’s more tactical than it is strategic.”

She said metrics must indicate spend tied directly to business outcomes, like bottom line increase and revenue growth.

– Michelle Leach, Midlands Business Journal, June 2, 2017


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