Free Ebook | The Agency’s Guide To Earning A Seat With The C-Suite 11 months ago

In our new ebook, The Agency’s Guide to Earning a Seat with the C-Suite, you’ll find our how-to guide on building more strategic relationships with clients – ultimately, creating more opportunity for your agency through consistently demonstrating business impact. All backed by data, proven success and currently in practice at many small-, medium- and large-sized agencies. Our goal at Birdsnest is to demystify organic growth helping agencies realize that business strategy is something you’re likely already doing, but with the right framework can be harnessed for additional growth.

Here’s an excerpt from Section 2 – Start Building More Strategic Relationships Now:­

So how can an agency start thinking and talking like a business consultant, without adding a professional consultant or experienced strategist to their team, or sacrificing the creative edge that makes their agency unique? Start by ditching the creative pitch for a conversation about your client’s goals and objectives. Set out to really understand how the business operates. How is what you’re working on influence what KPIs? What additional KPIs within your ecosystem could you also influence?

Talk about your firm’s ability to provide ROI in similar situations and position your agency as a valued long-term asset to their success based on your current capabilities and services. It’s easier to do this at the outset of a client engagement than two projects down the road when the client thinks you’re a niche commoditized service firm.

Let’s say your clients asked for leads, get curious. Why do they need them? How many? For what purpose? What is growth worth to the organization and what do they plan to grow into? This line of questioning drives out goals and KPIs that you can build a strategic relationship around that offers all kinds of opportunities for your agency and allows you to consistently demonstrate business impact at a strategic level throughout the relationship. This type of thinking will resonate with your client’s CMO, whose role is drastically changing with more responsibility than ever to deliver.

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Download The Agency’s Guide to Earning a Seat with the C-Suite to find out more on how your agency can start building these types of relationships, including our 5 recommended sets of questions to kick off every client engagement, that will result in earning your agency more opportunity and money in the long-run – guaranteed.