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Strategic Performance Management for Agencies

How Agencies Use Strategic Performance Management 6 days ago

Modern agencies and marketers alike must be more transparent in their definition of success ­– and how they’re reaching it, attributing every effort and its result to bottom line impact. This means strategies need to be clearly defined and measurable from the outset of the relationship to enable active, ongoing conversation on performance and business impact that builds integrity behind every decision. Strategic performance management (SPM) helps support this movement, bridging a gap in which the agency toolset has long lacked – here’s 3 reasons agencies are adding SPM to their toolsets.

There is no "I" in "Team" – Agency Sales is a Growth Culture | By CEO Joe Olsen 7 days ago

Successful growth organizations have a growth culture because sales is a culture thing – and like any culture shift you have to wade through it so you reduce the risk of creating pitfalls or worse, yet another white whale for the organization…In my experience, everyone loves winning and agencies love winning more than most – because they fear failure so much more. Establishing a growth culture with teeth builds confidence which quells the fear associated with the risk of winning.

Your Q’s Answered | Does Birdsnest Integrate with XYZ? 2 weeks ago

Over 80% of all data in Birdsnest is fed by integrations. We get it – every agency is different, and every agency uses a different set of tools. We’ve been in your shoes, and as agency veterans ourselves, we’ve failed with the “do everything solutions.” We know that no one tool does everything well. That’s why we connect to over 800 apps you use every day – from day one.

3 Ways AI & Machine Learning Improve the Agency-Client Relationship 2 weeks ago

When agencies partner with clients on overall business outcomes, as opposed to specific campaign metrics, machine learning and AI can be invaluable. Agencies can visualize strategic impact and know what to do when for clients better – leveraging tech to actually help build and sustain ongoing, more successful agency-client relationships. Here’s three ways modern agencies are using AI and machine learning to accelerate scalable growth and help their clients succeed.

Agency Consolidation – Go Big or Go Home? 2 weeks ago

For WPP, consolidating five of its agencies to create a “next generation brand agency” will provide clients with a wider array of specialists to ultimately provide clients a holistic end-to-end experience through a broader scope of services – all under one roof. By simply being more strategic, independent agencies can too benefit from many of the same value-adds – providing their clients with deeper insight, backing their efforts with more integrity and identifying a shared strategy for growth from the start.

Problem with Martech is Marketing

The Problem with Martech – is Marketing 3 weeks ago

Just 9% of marketers feel their martech stack is fully utilized – with 25% indicting they use 20+ tools. With thousands of martech solutions out there, agencies continue to waste hundreds of hours a month building bespoke reports for clients that actually do very little when it comes to client success and agency growth. While dashboards and other martech solutions may work to compile marketing data into one centralized view, they do very little if they’re not laddering data into business outcomes that matter to the client’s business. Agencies all too often rely on tools to demonstrate value and back efforts with integrity, when the very data set they’re working with is wrong from the get-go.

Agency Takeaways from Inbound – Hubspot

INBOUND 2017 Recap: Agency Takeaways 4 weeks ago

With INBOUND 2017 wrapping up in Boston today, we’ve compiled a few agency-specific takeaways from this year’s event. Now in its sixth year, much of this year’s INBOUND centered on building end-to-end customer experiences, but the true takeaway from this year’s event for us was summed up best by Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s CTO and Co-Founder, with the very name of his keynote address – “How to Grow Better“ – highlighting the top priority and challenge inbound marketing partners will face, if they have not already.

Gartner Report on Driving Growth Thru Smarter Account Management 4 weeks ago

As part of a follow-up interview to a new report from Gartner on “Driving Account Growth Through Smarter Account Management,” Brent Adamson further elaborates on why today’s sales organizations struggle with organic or current client growth, largely attributing it to Account Management with new demands and expectations, requiring wider capability sets and/or a retool of the classic definition of the role. Adamson would encourage agencies to shift focus from how a project will/has performed to what a client’s business needs in order to reach success in the future.

New Ebook | How to Be Transparent & Build a Better Agency 1 month ago

When agencies are brought in at execution, both the client and agency are often destined to fail with a misguided focus on marketing KPIs and solutions disconnected from business outcomes. Birdsnest’s new ebook is written for agencies ready to position their business in a more strategic role, adding transparency, accountability and integrity to back efforts and ultimately, build a better agency.


Rova Becomes Birdsnest, & Our Vision for the Future of Agency Success – a Letter from Our CEO 1 month ago

As the tool has evolved, we have too as a company. While Rova encompassed our early aspirations, a new name and identity is necessary to reflect our mission and communicate our objective – to be the #1 tool for agencies, using big data and machine learning to simplify growth and streamline client success. We know that organic growth is the lifeblood of every agency and we know that happy, fulfilled clients are the key to that success.