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Birdsnest Software Acquired 1 month ago

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into a purchase agreement with MediaMonks Inc., the largest and most awarded digital production company in the world, to acquire the Birdsnest software platform. As one of Birdsnest’s largest customers, MediaMonks …

6 Signs Your Agency Is Committed To Your Success 4 months ago

In today’s complex marketing landscape, there’s an abundance of data, talk of strategy and promises made that it can be a challenge to sort what matters from what doesn’t. Keep these six signs in mind when choosing a partner and throughout the course of your relationships — whether it’s your Agency of Record or a one-off project engagement. Most importantly, hold your partners accountable to delivering on these too. These proven indicators will demonstrate to your organization’s entire C-suite that they’re committed to your success — and address short-, medium- and long-term financial realities head on.

What Is Marketing If It's Not Business? 4 months ago

“For a long time, we’ve operated under an erroneous assumption that business education is merely for those who want to pursue a career in “business” – but what is marketing if it’s not business? Understanding core concepts and the operations of private enterprise have been imperative in the success of my own career, and the organizations I’ve worked at and for as an agency. These are core principles that are fundamental to organizational success. If marketing is about business success, marketers need to know them – and know them well,” writes Kate Richling, Birdsnest CMO, “Why Marketing Classes Need More Business” in her recent guest post for Marketing Agency Insider.

Agency Pros on How They Handle Stress 4 months ago

We recently asked agency pros for their insights on how to cope with the stress that comes along with running an agency. While we heard just about everything in return – from a nighttime glass of milk and cookies to uncovering the key to pipeline predictability – here’s a look into what today’s agency execs are doing. “Agencies are organized chaos, but you need to put the emphasis on ‘organized,’ or you’ll never stop taking the Advil PM,” explains Scott Baradell, CEO of Idea Grove.

Why Client-Led Testimonials Win Big 4 months ago

Only about 22% of agencies have a designated Sales/Marketing role on their team, with 49% lacking any Marketing role at all. With most agencies relying on recommendations and referrals for conducting business development and getting new clients – in fact, 86% of agencies indicate it’s their top method – who’s left responsible for ensuring testimonials are captured? Luckily client-led testimonials can be a natural progression for modern agencies building ongoing strategic relationships with clients – plus, they’re much more effective. Here’s three reasons client-led testimonials win big.

Agency Leaders on How to Build Trust 5 months ago

In a recent survey of global marketers in 35 multinational companies, the World Federation of Advertisers found transparency to be a top priority for 47% of brands, with 51% indicating it’s rising up the list, according to Econsultancy. Like any service business, trust is at the heart of healthy, successful client relationships. Agency-client relationships built on transparency earn trust – and in turn, create reliable revenue streams by positioning the agency as an ongoing strategic partner with real results and demonstrated success. With increasing concerns about trust and transparency within today’s agency-client relationship, we turned to a few agency leaders for insight on how to build trust with clients.

Strategic Performance Management for Agencies

How Agencies Use Strategic Performance Management 5 months ago

Modern agencies and marketers alike must be more transparent in their definition of success ­– and how they’re reaching it, attributing every effort and its result to bottom line impact. This means strategies need to be clearly defined and measurable from the outset of the relationship to enable active, ongoing conversation on performance and business impact that builds integrity behind every decision. Strategic performance management (SPM) helps support this movement, bridging a gap in which the agency toolset has long lacked – here’s 3 reasons agencies are adding SPM to their toolsets.

There is no "I" in "Team" – Agency Sales is a Growth Culture | By CEO Joe Olsen 5 months ago

Successful growth organizations have a growth culture because sales is a culture thing – and like any culture shift you have to wade through it so you reduce the risk of creating pitfalls or worse, yet another white whale for the organization…In my experience, everyone loves winning and agencies love winning more than most – because they fear failure so much more. Establishing a growth culture with teeth builds confidence which quells the fear associated with the risk of winning.

Your Q’s Answered | Does Birdsnest Integrate with XYZ? 5 months ago

Over 80% of all data in Birdsnest is fed by integrations. We get it – every agency is different, and every agency uses a different set of tools. We’ve been in your shoes, and as agency veterans ourselves, we’ve failed with the “do everything solutions.” We know that no one tool does everything well. That’s why we connect to over 800 apps you use every day – from day one.