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Today, CMOs must think and act like CEOs, with a focus on growth, P&L and understanding what data actually matters to the success of their business. Instead of project one-offs focused on instantaneous results, CMOs must understand what success looks like, be able to define the strategic KPIs necessary to achieve it, choose targets and timeframes, and then identify the tactics worth investing in to get there.

–Joe Olsen, Forbes 2017


Birdsnest was created by our former agency Phenomblue, after years of trying to retrofit CRMs to manage current client development and relationships growth. As we grew our agency’s strategic capabilities, a trend we continue to see across the marketplace, we failed to find a tool that provided visibility into our pipeline and help our agency scale, laddering efforts up to business-level outcomes and to hold our client-facing teams accountable for current client growth. After hearing from many agencies that they too struggled with the same woes, and demonstrating ongoing strategic value to their clients, sorting out the marketing KPIs and data that matters to agency’s tactical execution from what’s actually valuable to clients and business-level metrics.

That’s when we sold the agency and brought Birdsnest to market. Birdsnest started as strategic performance management software for agencies – enabling agencies to ladder data up to business outcomes, shifting their focus and prioritization on marketing KPIs and instantaneous results to influencing business outcomes and delivering the type of value brands have come to expect. We help agencies be seen by their clients as strategic partners, in lieu of one-off marketing service providers, increasing the agency’s value over time and enabling organic growth by focusing on current client development.

Since, we’ve layered on the ability to gain additional insight across agencies, to plan and forecast for growth and to find and take action on trends, broadening our machine learning capabilities to identify and suggest growth opportunities. This level of business intelligence has never been seen before and it’s revolutionizing our industry.

Today, Birdsnest is cloud-based software for agencies that uses big data and machine learning to simplify growth and streamline client success.


Joe Olsen

CEO, Co-Founder

Kate Richling

Marketing and PR, Co-Founder

Jonathan Tvrdik

Product & Creative, Co-Founder

From design to pricing to our feature set, Birdsnest is created with the agency experience in mind. When you add Birdsnest to your team, you’re adding decades of agency experience. It’s the equivalent of adding a highly experienced, insanely detailed team member who will unify your Client Services team, and who cares as much about growing your agency as you.

Diverse client background, crossing industry sectors and sizes, from global Fortune 500 companies to family-owned and -operated businesses, consumer product companies to business-to-business service providers.


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